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Brand Identity

We believe a brand isn't truly a brand until your customers, employees, competitors and suppliers recognize it as one. Until this recognition happens you've just got yourself a really great visual identity.

We build ownable and effective visual identities which become the backbone of your company's visual communications toolkit. This can include a logo, colour system, font system, support graphics and recommendations around use of photography, illustration and beyond. Once all of these elements are in place, we hatch a plan to introduce your company to the world and start to build brand recognition.

Brand development is the process of taking a well established visual identity and rolling it out to anyone who matters in your world. Your customers, staff, suppliers etc., in a relatable and consistent way. This process builds brand recognition, resulting a well developed brand essence that everyone in your important circle can relate to and understand.

Brand identity services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • strategic planning
  • consumer profile
  • logo
  • colour system
  • typography
  • support graphics
  • iconography
  • illustration
  • brand guidelines
  • tone of voice
  • graphic design
Anthony Redpath
Fold logo
Victoria Distillers brand identity
Victoria Distillers brand identity
Ipseity, Brendan Meadows, Photography identity
Identity for an international photography show
Modo, car share, identiy, 20 years of sharing
Modo 20 year anniversary identity

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